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Preparing the Site for a Natural Burial Ground

February 17 2017 — Madeline Link - The Armidale Express

Local media in the New England area follow the development proposal for a regional area natural burial ground.

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‘Funeral Poverty’ and the Challenges of Arranging a Funeral

September 12 2016 — The Juggle - ABC Radio

Kev joins 'The Juggle' on ABC radio to discuss the difficulties some families face in affording a meaningful funeral.


Not-For-Profit Natural Burial Grounds – An Innovative Approach

June 9 2016 — Lisa Herbert - ABC Rural Radio

Veteran ABC radio reporter, Lisa Herbert, talks to Kev Hartley about the idea for a natural burial ground model that could be established in regional and rural areas.

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Initial Exploration of a Proposed Natural Burial Site for the New England Region

June 17 2016 — Meg Francis - The Armidale Express

After receiving an offer of land for use as a natural burial ground, Earth Funerals Project commissions an initial on-site feasibility assessment.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

September 1 2015 — ABC Radio, Perth

Exploring futuristic funeral options - some that could work and others that just sound like they might!


ABC New Inventors – the Bio-Pod is the Peoples’ Choice

August 1 2009 — The New Inventors - ABC TV

Kev Hartley returns to the New Inventors program with a streamlined process for shroud burial.


Myra’s Wish

December 18 2008 — Stateline - ABC TV, South Australia

Diagnosed with cancer, Myra Makin set about organising her own natural burial.


The Emergence of Natural Burial and Environmental Awareness of Funeral Practices in South Australia

November 1 2008 — Stateline - ABC TV, South Australia

South Australia's ABC Stateline team investigate the emergence of natural burial and explore the environmental motivations of families who choose a sustainable service. These early experiences in South Australia have informed and inspired the development of Earth Funerals Project a decade later.


An In-Depth Journey into the Future of Funerals in Australia

September 1 2008 — Ian Townsend - Background Briefing, ABC Radio National

This episode of ABC's Radio National's Background Briefing program generated so much public feedback that it was aired several times in 2008. Kevin Hartley joins a number of industry representatives to explore the 'ins and outs' of the Australian Funeral Industry, and his early work in natural burial space.


ABC New Inventors – The Transporter Wins New Inventors Episode

May 1 2008 — The New Inventors - ABC TV

Kev Hartley's first challenge to the funeral industry took the form of an innovative way to conduct shroud burials with South Australian legislation back in 2008. Since that time South Australia has enacted new legislation that embraces natural burial.