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Natural burials and sustainable funerals


Be part of the movement

Earth Funerals is a not-for-profit that's revolutionising the funeral industry. We use the smallest amount of resources possible to give friends and relatives the funeral they need, whether a burial or cremation, while giving back to the natural environment. Our trading model fully offsets the environmental cost by funding the restoration of wildlife corridors and bush revegetation projects. Now we're looking for donors and supporters to partner with who share our passion for leaving this earth a better place.


A problem we can solve

Embalming, concrete lined graves, metal caskets and elaborate timber coffins are anything but natural. Over the past two hundred years the funeral process has become increasingly industrialised and removed from nature. At the same time, costs have increased to the point where affording a simple burial is a stretch for many families. Choosing an earth funeral ensures the death of a loved one is marked with an emotionally meaningful ritual that leaves a valuable legacy for all. It's a simple, common-sense approach that cares equally for people and the environment.

Traditional coffins make up about half the environmental cost of every funeral.
Keijzer, E. 2015. The environmental impact of activities after life: life cycle assessment of funerals
Earth Funerals' eco pods are handcrafted from only 9kg's of natural wicker, and use no glues, paints or lacquers.
Sustainable Funerals Australia Inc
Restoration natural burial grounds provide a meaningful burial option at the price of a cremation service, as well as funding valuable environmental works.
Sustainable Funerals Australia Inc
48.0% of survey respondents said they would consider sustainable funeral options because of the potential environmental benefits and reduced cost.
2018, National Funeral Directors Association, National Consumer Awareness and Preferences Study.
The energy used for a cremation service would power the lights in an average Australian home for 4 ½ months.
Research shows that people who buy locally grown or organic food are twice as likely to have a strong preference for natural burial.
The Natural Burial Assn of Canada, Goldman, A. , A Greener Way to Go. 2002.

Life after death

In recent years there's been growing interest in natural burials and we've been at the forefront creating a network of burial grounds across Australia. There are no embalming, plastics or chemicals. Just a biodegradable coffin in the earth, and a whole lot of trees in a renewed and natural landscape. As you can probably tell, our agenda is very down to earth.


Pioneers for change

Meet Kevin, the Project Founder, Director and CEO of Earth Funerals. After more than twenty years of experience working and consulting in the end-of-life industry, he decided it was time to do things differently. He began lobbying for legislative change, promoted shroud burials and won awards for innovation within the category. This early work was the foundation for the development of the Earth Funerals concept in 2016. Since then, Kevin has worked on behalf of Earth Funerals to gain the support of philanthropists, strategic partners and more than a dozen professional alliances.

A plan for future growth

Since its inception, Earth Funerals has attracted the attention and support of donors and strategic partners. Donations of almost $85,000 in seed funding have been augmented with a mix of pro bono and discounted specialist consulting by the founders, professionals and firms. Combined, more than $1.1 million has been invested in the development of the Earth Funerals model. We're currently raising funds to continue development of our natural burial ground network, and to commence trading in Melbourne in 2021.