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Eco-friendly funerals

The Earth Funerals Project is a not-for-profit revolutionising the funeral industry. Our sustainable funeral services reduce the environmental harm of traditional burials and cremations. We select biodegradable products and offset the carbon footprint by regenerating bushland. We can help you plan a farewell that will do your part for environmental sustainability as well as leave behind a legacy for your children to be proud of.


The problem with funerals

The traditional funeral process has become industrialised and expensive. Embalming chemicals, concrete-lined graves, and gold handles on coffins are unnecessary extras that hurt the environment and the wallet.

There are funeral options for people who want to leave a positive legacy for the planet. A natural restoration burial is the most sustainable funeral solution, while eco-friendly cremations provide a carbon-positive outcome and are available in Australia now.

Life after death

As interest grows in natural burials and restoration burial grounds, we are developing ways to bring these services to Australians. Our natural burial service could provide a biodegradable coffin or shroud that stops harmful plastics or chemicals from entering the earth. In our most sustainable offering, you or your loved one could find peace in a restoration burial ground, where native trees restore the landscape and bring forth new life.


Pioneers for change

Meet Kevin, the Project Founder, Director and acting CEO of the Earth Funerals Project. After more than twenty years working and consulting in the end-of-life industry, he decided it was time to do things differently. He began lobbying for legislative change, promoted shroud burials and won awards for innovation within the category.

This early work laid the foundations of the Earth Funerals concept. Earth Funerals Project is now thriving under a skilled executive team with the support of philanthropists, Indigenous consultants, strategic partners and over twenty professional alliances.

The future of funerals

Since its inception, the Earth Funerals Project has attracted the attention and support of donors and strategic partners. Financial donations, pro bono and discounted consulting by the founders, professionals and firms have allowed the plan to become reality.

The Earth Funerals Project has committed to raising $20m over the next five years to establish Australia’s first network of Restoration Burial Grounds and related non-profit funeral services.