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Leading the way

Kevin Hartley is the Founder, Project Director and acting CEO of Earth Funerals Project. He has more than 20 years of experience in the funeral and cemetery industries, giving him a broad and deep understanding of the sector.

Working with the late Hon. Dr Bob Such (Independent MP for Fisher) and a community group (Natural Earth Burial Society), he contributed to the lobby for legislative changes to establish natural burial grounds. Later, in 2016, he played an advisory role in establishing the first private natural burial ground at the Aldinga Arts-EcoVillage in South Australia.

Kevin has won awards for his innovative bio-coffin designs and is considered an authority on natural burials.

Board members


Dr Vanda Rounsefell


Vanda has a background in wholistic & environmental general medical practice. In 2000, she expanded her interest from restoring individual health to that of larger scales - housing, landscapes, cities and countries. This led to private involvement and research into ecovillages and sustainable living, sustainable death practices and to her leading the establishment at Aldinga Arts-EcoVillage of the first SA restoration burial ground under new SA legislation. She wrote a PhD entitled “From EgoCity to EcoCity : an ecological, complex systems approach to humans and their settlements”. She trained in and served on the Board of The Natural Step, a powerful sustainability model, and set up Ecoweb Human Ecology Services, an eco-counselling consultancy.


Dr Gina Price


Gina was a founding partner of the Sociocracy Consulting Group, and is an expert facilitator of sociocratic governance. In other words, she solves problems by creating harmonious social environments. Her group has provided training for NGOs, eco-villages and businesses in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska and Brazil. Previously, Gina worked as a polar scientist—over-wintering in Antarctica and conducting research in Alaska. Her disciplined scientific rigour, and deep respect for life itself, make her a valued member of the Earth Funerals Project' family.

Strategic Partners


GIS, Technical and Spatial Analysis Services

Armidale Tree Group

New England Environmental Partner


Cemetery Mapping and Records Management Software

Eco Logical Australia

Environmental and Planning Consultancy

HWL Ebsworth

Legal Services


Website, Branding and Communications


Victorian Environmental Services

Other Architects

Design and Consulting

University of New England

Incubator and Technical Services

Brave & Curious

Design Facilitation Services

Ground Truth

Technical Assessment Services

University of Melbourne

Research Collaboration

Life Cycle Assessment

Lifecycle Assessment and Circular Economy Specialist

Nature Foundation

South Australian Environmental Partner and Land Donor


The Madden Sainsbury Foundation – Sydney

The Earth Welfare Foundation – Sydney

The Pace Foundation – Sydney

Rose M Gilder – Victoria

Josette Wunder – Sydney

Garry White Foundation - VIC

Ross Knowles Foundation – Sydney

Greater Bank – Armidale, NSW

Judy De Jong – Armidale, NSW

Jeremy Smith – Armidale, NSW

Elizabeth Phelan – Sandringham, VIC