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Our journey

The timeline below shows where we’ve been and where we’re going, highlighting our key milestones and future targets.

  • The Beginning

    A chance meeting with the CEO of an environmental charity occurred when Kevin Hartley hosted a community screening of the independent film 'A Will for the Woods'. The film explores the natural burial movement in the US and sparked a conversation that started the Earth Funerals Project.

  • Pro Bono Partnership

    We knew that to establish Earth Funerals Project nation-wide, we would need some solid legal expertise. So we reached out to Australia’s largest law firm, HWL Ebsworth, and were elated when they offered to partner with us. Since then, they have provided essential advice and guidance in support of our vision.

  • Early Philanthropic Support

    For Earth Funerals Project to begin exploration of the feasibility of the concept and move to the next level, we needed early philanthropic support. Our initial target was surpassed, with almost $70,000 being received from generous individual and corporate donors, including members of the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN).

  • Gathering Partners and Strategic Alliances

    We attracted supporters and consultants from across Australia, including Eco Logical Australia, EcoGeoSpatial, and Ground Truth. A team of volunteers from one of Australia's premier accounting firms made valuable contributions to national planning, and strategic alliances were established with key environmental partners in Victoria and South Australia.

  • Real transformation over time

    In order to begin the transformation of the industry, Earth Funerals Project needs to develop its first Restoration Burial Ground. Within five years, Earth Funerals Project expects to have a Restoration Burial Ground operational within each state and territory, and more on the way.

  • Our Vision

    Earth Funerals Project is committed to raising $20m over the next five years, to establish Australia’s first network of Restoration Burial Grounds and related non-profit funeral services.

Our current focus

Over the next twelve months we’re aiming to establish our first Restoration Burial Ground. A Founding Patron will enable Earth Funerals to:

  • Design Australia’s first Restoration Burial Ground
  • Build capacity within the organisation through provision of key leadership roles
  • Develop innovative funeral and burial ground technologies, such as a GPS grave location app and digital memorialisation
  • Leverage further philanthropic support