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The Importance of Ritual

January 22 2020 — Afternoons with Jenny Seaton - Curtin FM 100.1, Perth

Kev Hartley speaks with Jenny Seaton about the importance of creating meaningful end-of-life rituals.


The ‘Burial Belt’

December 21 2019 — Elizabeth Flux - The Saturday Paper

'Burial Belt' is a visionary concept by Earth Funerals Project' Strategic partner, Other Architects. The concept has attracted international attention, and Kev Hartley contributes his take on the idea to The Saturday Paper.

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Natural Burial Considered an Important Part of the Future

December 6 2019 — Saimi Jeong - Choice Magazine

This final part of a four part series for Choice Magazine by investigative reporter, Saimi Jeong, explores future direction for the funeral industry in Australia, and discusses the role of natural burial and Earth Funerals Project.

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‘Burial Belt’ – Natural Burial at an Urban Planning Scale

October 8 2019 — Michael Bleby - The Australian Financial Review

Michael Bleby from the Australian Financial Review investigates 'Burial Belt,' an urban planning level natural burial concept with Earth Funerals Project' strategic partner David Neustein of Other Architects.

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Natural Burial in Victoria

March 26 2019 — ABC's Amber Irving-Guthrie - ABC Radio, Gippsland

When a rural Gippsland cemetery announced it would open a 'natural burial' section, ABC's Amber Irving-Guthrie reached out to Kev Hartley to find out more about natural burial and Earth Funerals Project' plans in Victoria.


Better Options

July 23 2019 — Weekend with Andrea Gibbs - ABC Radio, Perth

Earth Funerals Project' Project Director, Kev Hartley, chats with Andrea Gibbs about the history of the project, and the challenges in providing a genuine natural burial for Australians.


Pushing Up Trees: Is natural burial the answer to crowded cemeteries?

November 11 2018 — Saimi Jeong - The Guardian

This in-depth article in the Guardian investigates the changing face of the funeral industry, and the options that are emerging in an environmentally challenged world.

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Plans for a Natural Burial Ground in the New England Region Progressing

August 17 2018 — Meg Francis - The Armidale Express

Earth Funerals Project continues its development of a regional natural burial ground model by lodging a Development Application with Uralla Shire Council.

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Creating a Living Legacy

August 15 2018 — The Armidale Express

The concept of a 'Creating a Living Legacy' was the subject of a presentation when Kevin Hartley was invited to speak at a forum organised by Sustainable Living Armidale.

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How Natural Burial Could Help Save Wildlife

August 11 2017 — Alice Klein - New Scientist

This article explores the part to be played by 'restorative' natural burial grounds in helping to preserve endangered wildlife and habitat .

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